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Action Hybride is a collective of international artists, initiated by Francesca Sand in January 2018 and grouped as an association under the law of 1901.

The association organizes exhibitions, meetings, reflections, workshops, around the themes of the body and the human condition. Its orientation is defined by a MANIFESTO The Social and Political Body (below).
During its events, the collective welcomes artists and invited persons.
To propose a project or contact us:

  • The active members constitute the core of the collective and the office of the association: Francesca Sand, Louise Dumont, Vanda Spengler, Louise A. Depaume, Fanny Gosse (Île-de-France); Maria Clark (Occitanie); Loredana Denicola (Italie).
  • The satellite members are regular actors of the collective: Caroline Polikar (Haut-de-France); Axelle Remeaud, Mila Nijinsky, Tamina Beausoleil (Île de-France); Amélia Fouillen, Sébastien Layral, Emma Terno (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes); Elisabette Zelaya, Géraldine Villemain (Occitanie).
  • The artists who have have been part of Action Hybride :
    – Past members: Pascaline Rey, Anne-Marie Toffolo, Fur Aphrodite.

The Social & Political Body

*Action Hybride is a collective of artists whose members are firmly committed to the subject of the ‘body’.

*Action Hybride is present in all forms of artistic disciplines: from performance to photography, from painting to installation, from video to sculpture, from drawing to writing.

*Action Hybride stages the body. It interrogates its limits from the practices, perspectives and visions that question the future of being and the human condition: an ‘other’ body, an ‘after body’, a ‘post-human’ body.

*Action hybride reactivates anesthetized sensitivities.
It positions itself facing the continuous aggression of a society constituted in a media spectacle, which denies ‘freedom of expression’. The artwork remains a trace and the body becomes memory.

*Action Hybride reacts to the stereotypical body of the mass image. It reveals the vulnerability of each one and everybody, it depicts the invisible, underexposed, fragilized body, all forms of sensibility that contemporary society obscures.

*Action Hybride questions identity and its transformation. The reflected-body, the hybridization, the metamorphosed images are all possibilities that open perspectives and allow another approach to reality.

*Action Hybride sees nudity as a resistance device. The skin, the veins, the blood participate in the flow of existence and of the human condition. And the naked body, the intimate or the desire support each of its artistic actions.

*Action Hybride considers the body and the human condition in relation to its environments, interior and exterior. The living in all its forms, a network of multiple relationships and varied territories, for a political and artistic ecology and a collective social future.

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